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Wood furniture

Our core business and key area since the establishment of the company in year 1997 is production of solid wood furniture. As main material we use pine, however other sorts are possible also. The orders will be completed in the hands of our long-term experienced production specialists quickly and with high quality. Thanks to short delivery dates, good quality and prices of our products, we are a trusted partner for our long-term customers.

Besides conventional woodworking machines we use computer-controlled CNC benches, with their extra possibilities.

We are very flexible and able to respond quickly to customers orders and offer acceptable lead times.

NB! Most of the beds are available in the standard bed sizes (80x200; 90x200; 120x200; 140x200; 160x200; 180x200; 200x200). Our beds can be delivered with or without solid wooden slats. Below are some examples of our products.


Dream double bed
Dream single bed
Maxima double bed
Maxima single bed
Atlanta double bed
Atlanta single bed
Lunia double bed
Lunia double bed
Lunia single bed
Moniek double bed
Moniek single bed
Nicole single bed with drawers
Ann double bed
Ann wardrobe
Atlanta wardrobe

Childrens room

Jungle bed 90x200
Trio 140x200
Trio 120x200
Princess single bed
Birdnest Deluxe 90x200
Bird nest
House style bed
Lolland bed
Cabine bed
Hamburg 90x200
Castle bed
Home Sweet Home
Helsinki bunkbed
Viking bunkbed
Stairway 90x200
Noormann bunkbed
JIP bed
Indian bed
Berry 90x200
Pretty 70x140
Victoria bed
Annika 90x200
Lunia single bed
Maxima single bed
Laura single bed
Dream single bed

Living room

Coffee table
Coffee table Lina
Leena table

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchen chest (narrow)
Kitchen chest (wide)
Viola table set
Kitchen corner set


Shoeshelf 1
Shoeshelf 2
Shoeshelf 3
Blanket chest 540
Blanket chest 219
Wall shelf
Wall shelf
Wall shelf